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My husband and I learned about Families Through Adoption and met Char with our first adoption, 4 years ago. The home study process at the time was very timely and we were put at ease by Char, from the very start of the process. During this adoption, Char was able to update much of our information easily, and the process was seamless once again. Char has always been extremely flexible with fitting us into her schedule and making us feel we are her only client. When we had some sad news to deal with during this adoption, Char not only offered a listening ear, but also some much-needed advice. Because Char has adopted several times herself and has assisted so many families, she offers an unique perspective to adooptive families. Char has a true heart for adoption and for helping families to bring home their children. Families Through Adoption offers some wonderful programs and events throughout the year and we’ve participated in several over the past few years. We have recommended Families Through Adoption to friends and will continue to do so.

Joe and Lindsay Brockway

Working with Families Through Adoption, and their families, has been a pleasure. The adoption agency is professional, experienced, and provides quality service. The families with whom I have worked have all been very well prepared by Families Through Adoption, and its director, Char Lanning, for the adoption process.

Linda E. F. Lach

Attorney at Law, Lach Law

Families Through Adoption has been wonderful to work with. They helped prepare us as adoptive parents through counseling and suggested readings throughout the process. They were such a great support before the adoption and continue to be so after the adoption. They bring adoptive families together throughout the year with fun activities along with celebrating our children’s heritage.  FTA was a godsend for us and they come highly recommended.

Kara & Kevin Welsh

We had heard all of the “horror” stories about the people that do home visits. A friend of ours had recommended Families Through Adoption. We were told that it was a Christian Agency and would be a great place to call. When we placed the call we were skeptical. We ended up talking to Char and she told me “if I come to your house and it is spick and span with three boys I’m coming back!” That’s when I knew it was the agency for us. They are based on real life not some unachievable perfection. Little did we know that was just the beginning. The process ended up being very smooth, Char never made it feel like work. We formed bonds with the whole family and really felt supported. The kids felt like they were apart of the process, which is what we wanted. They felt like they had their say as well! We could ask anything and we walked through step by step. When we got the call we were to go to get our daughter they were there. When we were out of town getting our daughter the whole situation was very different than what we expected. He had what is called a baby born now and had a lot more contact with the birth mom than what we thought we would. They were each step of the way guiding us, listening to us, and praying for us. Then when we got back home we had a party waiting for us ready to welcome us home. Not only have we found friends but Families Through Adoption is truly that a family!
We recommend them to everyone!

Steve and Renita Creasy

Thank you for your amazing service!  Families Through Adoption has made our experience exciting!

The Folkemas

We have greatly appreciated Char Lanning’s warm, friendly personality on our adoption journey!  She clearly cares about children and families.  Her demeanor truly is exceptional.  Additionally, we were extremely impressed with Char’s experience and expertise about children’s behavior and management strategies.  She has a wealth of knowledge along with extensive resources including many, many books she happily shares with families.  We are absolutely appreciative of our experience with Families Through Adoption and feel very blessed!

Greg and Laura Keith

I cannot even express how deeply grateful I am to God and you for directing us to Char at Families Through Adoption. A breath of fresh air after a very frustrating 6+ weeks.  I just had the most uplifting and promising conversation with her. I wish that ALL adoptive parents could have this same experience. She “gets” this as she knows this journey of adoption. It was a blessing to hear her heart for adoption and especially for Haitian children and their adoptive families. While I’ve only had this one phone conversation with her that lasted 30 minutes, I’m excited that we can hopefully continue this adoption and post adoption journey with her.  I would certainly endorse them. SOOO personal!!! She talked about getting families together for a prayer group, pulling Haitian famillies together and then the annual picnic. It’s a community that will hopefully be so good for our family!

Katie DeJong

Congratulations on everything that you had to go thru to be Hague Accredited!  We are so blessed to have known you from the very beginning when we started our adoption with Malia and three years later with Ava.   Thank you for helping us thru all the grudge paperwork, we wouldn’t be able to do this without your help.

Alan and Cindy

We first met Char Lanning in the late 90’s when she was assigned as a social worker to complete the home study for our international adoption. We instantly connected with her as she and her husband had also recently adopted a little girl from China. She had already experienced everything that we were going through–the excitement, anticipation, the fear as well as the frustrations. She took us under her wing and provided us the support that was expected of her in her role, but she also made herself available to us as to answer all our questions and provide the support and encouragement  we needed as prospective parents. She was like the old friend you knew for years–not because  she had deled into our every aspect of your lives, but because she simply cared deeply about us and wanted us to be the best parents we could be. Even after our adoption was complete and her role was officially done, Char went far above and beyond and continued to make herself available to us, whether it was just to talk or to provide a little of her vast wisdom–the point was, is that she was always there! So when the time came again in 2008 that we were called again to adopt, there was no one else that we wanted for our social worker.
Unfortunately, the agency we were using would not allow us to work with Char due to a technical detail. We were devastated to say the least. Despite the formality of not being able to officially utilize Char’s services, she was still there, just as she was the first time we adopted. While she was unable to complete the home study, she was always in the wings providing us the support and encouragement only Char could provide. Even when we experienced some difficulties after our second adoption was completed and the agency and assigned social worker were long gone, Char was still there, just like an angel providing just the right support and guidance we needed to overcome the hurdle. To this day Char is but a phone call away and has on more than one occasion opened her home and her heart to us when we really needed it. For these and many more reasons we are unable to adequately put in words, we consider ourselves richly blessed to call Char notonly our friend, but our parental mentor and cheerleader.
Rick and Annette VandenBerg

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