Families Through Adoption is a non-profit 501(c)3, licensed adoption agency dedicated to helping families and children find each other.


Families Through Adoption will foster the formation of families through the adoption process. Families Through Adoption partners with adoptive families throughout the adoption journey: from the conception of the adoption plan through the children’s independence. This partnership extends to all members of the adoption triad as well as other venues dedicated to uniting children and parents.


Families Through Adoption looks forward to assisting families at whatever stage they are in–from the home study process, to support while waiting for their child, to transitioning into the home, to the maturational process from infancy to child independence. We recognize the need for support, education and the need for families to celebrate their uniqueness and to build a legacy. Please allow us to join your family in that process.

Core Beliefs 

Every child deserves to grow up in a loving and nurturing home.
Every child deserves an opportunity to grow to their fullest potential
That cross-cultural and domestic adoptions are beneficial to both children and those seeking to parent them.
That families need support and education in raising their children.

Our History

Families Through Adoption was organized exclusively for charitable purposes. Specifically, Families Through Adoption (FTA) was formed to assist families from the conception of the adoption plan to child independence.  The organization seeks to build families through placement of orphans in healthy and safe homes and then to support those families until the child reaches adulthood.

There are orphans throughout the world whose development, health, and safety could be improved immeasurably by placement in a “forever family.”  There is a growing awareness among Americans that adoption is a viable and meaningful way to parenthood.  FTA seeks to join needy orphans with families who need children to parent, protect, and care for.  Since the cost of adoption can be an insurmountable obstacle for prospective parents, FTA seeks to offer services at a minimal cost and to partner with other providers who share the vision of affordable adoptions.

Once an orphan is placed in a permanent home, however, statistics indicate that adopted children continue to have concerns related to their adoption.  Behavior problems, identity issues, attachment disorders, academic difficulties and social adjustment concerns have been noted in adopted children.  FTA seeks to minimize the impact of the pre-adoption trauma by maximizing support, education, and networking for children and their families so as to alleviate the impact of those deficits.

Families Through Adoption seeks to join families and children by providing ethical, affordable referral services, home studies and educational opportunities.  These services are provided by professionally credentialed staff.

Charlene Lanning, Executive Director, formed Families Through Adoption in 2006 with the support of several local adoptive families who realized a significant need for affordable adoption, ethically responsible adoption services and support for children and families following the child’s placement.  Ms. Lanning is a mental health professional with 25 years of professional experience in the formation of healthy families.  The last 10 years of her professional practice has been in the adoption field and she and her husband are parenting two adopted children and providing kinship care to a third child.  She has a passion for helping children embrace the worlds’ cultures.

Mary Moore, Social Work Supervisor, has been a vital part of Families Through Adoption since its beginning.  She is a single adoptive parent and has also worked in the mental health field for over 25 years.  Her passion is forming healthy adoptive families and providing programs and support for orphans who will never have a forever family.

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